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The Benefits of Moving to Princeton, Minnesota

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

If you’re planning to move to Minnesota, look no further than the city of Princeton. This small city, with a population over 5,000 is a lovely place to live located in Mille Lacs county. Just 50 miles north of Minneapolis, Princeton is one of the best places in Minnesota to call home. With a reasonable cost of living and plenty of things to do, let’s look at the benefits of moving to Princeton, MN.

Cost of Living

To start, the first question on the mind of someone moving is how much is the cost of living. According to, Princeton’s cost of living ranks 98.4, making it more affordable than the US average overall. We’re going to break that down.

If you’re planning to buy a home, the median home cost is around $281,800, which is cheaper than the Minnesota average of $300,001. For those looking to rent, a 2 bedroom apartment is going to run you around $1024, with the state average being $1150. The Minneapolis/St.Paul average is $1321, so you’ll get the benefit of being close to a big city without the cost.

Things To Do in Princeton, Minnesota

Along with being an affordable city, Princeton is full of things to do in Minnesota. If you like being outdoors, there are several parks and trails to keep you busy!

Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is 40 acres of fun for the whole family! There are several trails to choose from for hiking and cross country skiing, along with annual races to participate in. Come check it out in one of the best places in Minnesota! Along with Pioneer Park, there are about 6 or 7 other parks and trails in Princeton to explore.

Riverside Park on Rum River

Another one of Princeton’s attractions is the Rum River. While it runs right through town, you can visit Riverside Park to take in all of the scenic nature and do some camping! Riverside Park also offers kayaks and canoes for the adventurer who wants to get on the water. You won’t run out of things to do in Minnesota at the Rum


Princeton Farmers Market

From May through October, the Princeton Farmers Market is the perfect place to spend a Saturday afternoon. It’s located in downtown Princeton and hosts a variety of local vendors. During the winter, you can catch the Winter Market every second Saturday of the month.

Princeton Speedway

Another one of the best things to do in Minnesota is visit the Princeton Speedway. This attraction has been a staple of Princeton since 1956. Bring the kids and catch a race on the weekends.


M Health Fairview Northland Medical Center

Princeton is also home to a great hospital for all your healthcare needs. The

M Health Fairview offers a variety of services to keep you and your family happy and healthy.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that Princeton is one of the best places in Minnesota to move to. Along with an affordable cost of living, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy even in a small city. The Twin Cities are a mere 50 miles away, so you’ll have them nearby but with a lower cost of living. Come check it out today!



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